Pastor and hero of Flower Branch fire now faces deportation

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  1. Rocky says:

    Let him stay.

    1. jojo says:

      If you break into a country illegally you have broken the law. Send ’em back and let him do it the correct. Stay in Guata and work to change their system. How about that?

  2. Collateral Justice says:

    I hear it’s warmer down South of the Border. Good luck with that.

  3. Steven Dooley says:

    “has no criminal record, only a conviction of driving without a license.” Isn’t that a criminal record? Also if he is such a Godly law abiding man why did he break the law coming into this country? If he truly is being persecuted he has a case for asylum. Not liking a law is no excuse for breaking the law.

  4. Texx says:

    No doubt about his character, his courage. However, he entered the US two times illegally – knowingly, willingly, repeatedly. His should be deported and then APPLY like he should have done. All the good he did here…he can still do back home. Take the time and do it right. I’d say a man of this quality should return home and re-build his country.

  5. Kathleen03 says:

    There is only one rule that can be followed in order to be fair to ALL immigrants: If you are here illegally, you go. If you are here legally, stay and assimilate.

  6. Gregory says:

    Make him go through the asylum process like everyone else who presents themselves at a port of entry, not by illegally crossing the border, TWICE nonetheless. Sorry but that gives him a two-count criminal record. Then add the driving w/o a license, that’s 3.

    Many ‘pastors’ are wolves in sheep’s clothing. I’m not saying he’s a bad person generally, but a man of God he IS NOT. It clearly states in the Bible that we are to follow God’s law AND man’s law, which he clearly has a problem doing. Plus he has a child who is “an American citizen”. Really? So her mother is actually a citizen or she is an anchor baby?

    Any American who commits a crime and runs from prosecution WILL suffer the consequences of the original crime PLUS the additional charge of flight to avoid prosecution. Family be d***ed! They WILL be separated from their family and serve their time after prosecution and conviction, NO exceptions. And it does not matter one iota how good a life they’ve led or how many people they’ve helped since committing their crime(s).

    If he loves America as much as he says and loves God as much as he wants everyone to believe, then he should be willing to pay his penance. That would show his love for both America AND God as well as reconciling himself as a man of God instead of appearing as just another fugitive hiding from justice behind the Bible.

  7. buckeyeman says:

    So why should I bother getting a driver’s license. Oh, yeah, ’cause I was born in Ohio, not Guatemala. So my position is that we send every stinking illegal alien back to their home country.

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