Local politicians voice concerns of road widening of I-495 and I-270

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  1. Tony Hausner says:

    I think expanding transit is a much better way to go as it is much better for the environment, especially with global warming. Toll lanes in Virginia have become very expensive which favors the wealthy over the rest of us. Furthermore, where are you going to put these express toll lanes. You either widen the beltway and 270 which has devastating effects in many ways, or you build upwards or tunnel. I have put together a list of transit options that have been proposed by others, such as bus rapid transit, and expanding MARC service (see For those opposed to the widening of 270 and 495, please get in touch with Citizens Against Beltway Expansion (CABE) at Sign this petition to oppose widening the Beltway: Also see

  2. Andrew Johnson says:

    Suzanne –

    Neither Marc Elrich or Nancy Floreen care about the people that live up-county… If they did they would have addressed the 270 issue before now..

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