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Sexual Assault Victims Should Be Heard – Here’s why

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  1. Janet Price says:

    OMG, Brian. You were just a young boy, and you trusted this guy. What a horror to go through at such an early age. And, the trust that was crushed inside you makes me cry. I’m so THRILLED you hit him!!!!! I was in law enforcement for 20+ years, and there is NOTHING lower than a predator………except a murderer. I think it’s very brave of you to come out with your story at this particular time in our history. THANK YOU for sharing this painful event.

  2. Timothy Fahey says:

    Hey Brian,
    I’m sorry you must endure the pain of abuse. The best we can do is listen and stand with you with understanding. Thank you for sharing your pain. It’s the suffering suffering of the silent that requires love and understanding, not shame and doubt. Peace brother.

  3. Connie Sampson r says:

    Yes, what I can not understand, if it was Hgang rape) whatever, how can that young girl, go back home, after drinking age 15, stay in the house and no one, knows her or saw her, with that gang, Going home and not call Police or mention to parents, also, I think, the ne t day, looking at my daughter, I would know, there was something different, when I look at my. Daughter, the parents, never notice, something different in her behaviour. Really, really,

  4. Dee Gold says:

    Brian, my heart breaks to read your story. I’m so sorry that happened to you. As a survivor of repeated sexual attacks by older stepbrothers and their friends, beginning at age 7 and continuing through age 11 when my mother finally left my stepfather, I know all too well the feelings of shame, fear, anger, helplessness and confusion over what I might have done to encourage them … AT AGE 7. Self blame is a hallmark of sexual abuse. You suffered it, Dr. Ford suffered it, I suffered it. Like you, I never told anyone of the abuse until I was in therapy in my 30’s. Many of the details were blanked out but the actions themselves were indelibly seared in my memory along with the smells, the sounds, the unwanted touch. The agony of holding such a denigrating and disgusting secret for so many years is topped only by the rage I feel at the arrogant public blaming and shaming that Donald J. Trump foisted upon Dr. Ford at a time when she risked everything in favor of telling her truth and fulfilling her civic duty. Her courage … and yours are exemplary. Thank you for speaking your truth. Thank you for inspiring truth in others. I stand with you in support of Dr. Ford and against the thoughtless arrogance, born of privilege, expressed by the likes of Donald J. Trump.

  5. Julie Muhlenfeld Crawford says:

    I’m here in San Antonio, remembering all of the work you did for AMW. Somehow, I feel like the good work you and the rest of us did made the world better, even if only in a small way. It’s brave of you to tell your story. Blessings to you and your family, also your continued work.

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