Bethesda resident describes “Culture of Privilege” leading to exploitation and abuse

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  1. John Smith says:

    Give me a break.

  2. Norm elgaard says:

    This sheds more light on the subject…

  3. nader says:

    Come on. They don’t even care about the 3 women who came forward and now whole world knows their identity, what makes you think they care about a person whom no one knows (except you)? What good does it do for our people? YES we need to keep her anonymity , but it’s like she never told you what happened all those years ago.

  4. T P Farley says:

    Excellent points.

  5. Ruth Hanessian says:

    Congratulations! This truly is independent news reporting and reflects exactly what existed and unfortunately continues today. If the truth be known with maybe a few exceptions every individual qualified for appointment in the eyes of this president shares the same privileged spoiled powerful and unaccountable background. Maybe he could succeed succeed in finding an acceptable candidate by looking at women.

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