Updated: Supreme Court nominee Kavanaugh defends himself against accusers

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  1. Jean wylie says:

    Police that say “women don’t want them involved” probably don’t understand that police treatment of the victim is the problem! Police accuse the Accuser, there is no justice.

    1. Chasbo says:

      Jean – so you’re OK with an unsubstantiated smear campaign against someone with an exemplary public service record? So the male is guilty, while the completely uncorroborated accusations of an accuser are what you believe? You are a sick person!!

      1. Phyllis Phlashley says:

        Why, he couldn’t possibly have done those things! He’s a Fine Upstanding Member of the Community! #powertothepowerful

    2. wm thurston says:

      Everyone seems to have a different opinion on who to believe. To simplify the issue and end the argument consider this option: It is a crime to lie under oath in answering questions asked by the FBI. Therefore, have the FBI interview all the women and Judge Kavanaugh. In the future if the women lied all will end up in jail. If documents turn up at a later date showing Judge Kavanaugh lied he might…who knows what would happen. My guess, Kavanaugh would not agree to testify under oath to the FBI.

    3. Magsta says:

      A minimal, lazy, or sloppy investigation by police would certainly work against the women, and yes, police have traditionally been the enemies of rape victims and advocates for accused rapists.

  2. mike smith says:

    Fake news. Dems are the lowest for of live right after the sentinel.

    1. Yosemite Sam says:

      Your thinking and your writing are both incoherent.

  3. Celeste says:

    Can I just say: I have been polite to at least 65 people in my lifetime. Take a poll. It means very little about the other hundreds of thousands of personal interactions I have had.

  4. ron e kendricks says:

    Sadly, the Cult of Republicanism dictates that the Kavanaugh would be innocent even if he shot someone on 5th Avenue in cold blood and on T.v.

    This is what sexual predator Trump said this of himself, and ditto with the irks of Orin Hatch, Grassley and McConnell.

    Kavanaugh’s arrogance power and ambition are staggering.

    Let us hope that truth prevails and that Kavanaugh will be equivalently and assuredly denied a seat on our Supreme Court.

    We don’t need another Clarence Thomas on the court.

    1. Chasbo says:

      What it the heck is wrong with you, Ron? Are you simply an unthinking liberal who believes everything you hear from your liberal buddies? Or, even worse, are you simply against Brett Kavanaugh and are OK with smearing and slandering him? Please let us know.

      1. Deb says:

        Look in the mirror and what is wrong with you is the reason why more and more women are leaving the GOP. It’s a boys club culture. Dr Ford had no reason to upend her life except to get out the truth about this predator who should not serve on the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is only “serving the public” to amass power and prestige.

      2. J lyn Rose says:

        Kavanaugh has been caught perjuring himself UNDER OATH multiple times. Even Mitch McConnell didn’t want POTUS to nominate him because he knew there were too many skeletons in the closet. POTUS nominated him despite McConnell’s objections because Kavanaugh was the only judge on the list that has taken a position that sitting presidents should not be investigated or indicted. It is the ONLY reason he was chosen, from the standpoint of POTUS. this is why McConnell and the WH refuses to release THOUSANDS of Kavanaugh’s documents and why McConnell put the hearings on hyperdrive hoping they could confirm him before shit started hitting the fan.

      3. BHYO BHYO says:

        How it is that 93% of Kavanaugh’s judicial records can’t be found but he has no problem locating his teenage alibi calendar.

    2. Thomaspsyche says:

      Would Dali Lama have such viscious rhetoric? Hypocrite!

    3. G.D.A. says:

      Well said, Ron. The GOP refused to release documents concerning Kavanaugh for review, withholding more than 1000; when prior scotus nominees had to submit to such review.
      The GOP is refusing to allow ab FBI investigation to settle the matter, even though Anita Hill received an FBI investigation.
      Let’s also keep in mind that Kavanaugh has been caught perjuring himself 4x. He’s lied under oath 4x. Shouldn’t that alone disqualify him from a seat on the highest court in the land?
      The GOP have been trying to ram Kavanaugh through with no due diligence since day one – yet their supporters are crying Dem obstruction. Seems the only thing Dems are obstructing is GOP foul play.

    4. Sheryl says:

      Look atvthe 19+ allegations against Trump! Who’s doing anything about those? Clinton was impeached for less!

  5. labradog says:

    I’m glad there are 65 women whom Bret Kavanaugh did not rape.

  6. R. Guiliani says:

    Lock him up!

  7. Rick says:

    Who is investigating this? It is not the Montgomery County police. Who are the investigators that the anonymous witness spoke to???

  8. MrReasonable says:

    Do not believe anything that Brian Karem writes. He has always been known as a hack. Used to write news for Playboy, need I say any more?

    1. Dave says:

      yeah, you do- what evidence are you proposing other than her wrote for Playboy? Writers for Playboy include Margaret Atwood, Jack Kerouac, Norman Mailer, Vladimir Nabokov et al none of whom could be described as a hack.

  9. William F. Maddock says:

    And, of course, not a bit of this has anything at all to do with the fact that Ford’s parents lost their home in 1996 in a foreclosure case overseen by Kavanaugh’s mom.

    Nothing at all.

    Of course not.


    1. Tandra Ericson says:

      That isn’t true. Please use facts and not spread falsehoods – https://www.factcheck.org/2018/09/false-claims-about-kavanaughs-mom-and-foreclosure/

    2. Photocrazy says:

      That is another right wing lie, in fact she found in favor of her parents and they were able to keep their house because of her.

    3. InCaseYouCare says:

      Actually his mom ruled that they get the home BACK after getting the money together to halt the foreclosure.

    4. Donna Johnson says:

      Of course, I’m sure you have a problem with Snopes, but at least learn to check things out before you spread gossip. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/brett-kavanaugh-foreclosure-accuser-parents/

    5. Mati says:

      Fact check: No, they didn’t. She ruled in their favor. Look it up. Then, stop using the source where you found this “information.”

    6. Justice for all says:

      That’s not true. The house was refinanced, the case was dismissed, and her family still owns the home. Look it up.

    7. A L Hicks says:

      They did not lose their home. The case was disposed favorably, with prejudice, to their benefit; there is no reason to believe a favorable court judgment would engender 35 years of animus. Even a negative verdict wouldn’t. The appetite for revenge cools over the years, it doesn’t intensify,anyway.

    8. Beth Fleet says:

      Please check your “facts” …what you stated has been debunked.
      Judge Kavanaugh’s mother did NOT oversee a foreclosure case involving Ford’s parents. Her parents came to an agreement with the bank and their case never went to court. If it had gone to court, Kavanaugh’s mother would have been the judge in the case.
      Don’t be part of the problem of misinformation…be part of the solution!

    9. Robin says:

      During the court case the victim’s parents were anle to refinance and Judge Martha Kavanauhh dismissed the case.

    10. Flash Gordon says:

      Kavanaugh’s mother, as a judge, did not take their house away, but in fact tried to help them keep it. So this would give Ford less incentive to report Kavanaugh’s behavior, not more.

    11. Alfred Howell says:

      You really need to research that case. Kavanaugh’s mother was the judge who approved a settlement, and the Fords kept their home. If anything, she helped the Fords. But since it was a settlement between the parties, the judge had *literally* no impact on the case.

      So yes, it means nothing. At all.

    12. J says:

      I read that in fact the foreclosure court case was decided in the Ford’s favor. Anyone?

    13. Frank says:

      You mean the case that ruled in favor of Ford’s parents? The one where they actually got to keep (not lose) their home?

      I know when a judge rules in favor of me, I try to destroy everybody in their family….

  10. Vicky says:

    We all thought Bill Cosby was a great guy, too, for decades… and there was Jimmy Savile, in England… people are not always what they seem. And BK has an admitted history of abusing alcohol in high school, college, and after. In college he belonged to a club nicknamed Tits ‘n’ Clits. His frat’s chant was “No means yes, yes means anal.” His yearbook is filled with references to sexual assault and debauchery. Simply the associations he has chosen and his history of blackout drinking is enough to disqualify him from the Supreme Court. Not to mention his lies to Congress, torment of Vince Foster’s family, gambling, and funny money.

    1. Stepback AndBeObjective says:

      Has there been any credible corraboration to any of these claims? Why have the people that those ladies stated witnessed these alleged incidents turned out to say that no, they didnt witness them?

      Honestly, if you don’t believe in innocent before being proven guilty, do you really believe in justice?

  11. Ken says:

    I hope that Bret has listened to the song “Date Rape” , in particular the end where he goes to prison. He may finally gets a taste of his own medicine. I agree. Lock Him Up!!! Just be sure to give him a pair of high heels.

  12. Young Herschel says:

    If I were Brett Kavanugh I would voluntarily submit to an FBI conducted polygraph that would persuasively establish that I probably did NOT pull my penis out on any unwilling woman during my Frosh year at Yale University as well as that I probably did not try to sexually harass or overpower Dr. Ford while an undergrad at Georgetown Prep. These would be very persuasive reports to submit to the Senate Judiciary Committee right??

    1. LW says:

      Agreed, Yong Herschel, this is what an innocent person would do. Now, he was asked by FOX if he would agree to that. He did not give an answer.

      SO you all “believers” in BK being an virgin in high school and an angel overall, what do YOU think is the reason he did not?

  13. Robert Sutton says:

    Brett Kavanaugh is SHADY —
    1. Comments in his high school year book (i.e. “The Devil’s Triangle”), Mark Judge’s book, an email that implores friends to keep the events of a certain weekend on a boat hidden from spouses, the transcripts of the speeches Kavanugh gave in recent years that gleefully talked about “What happens at Georgetown Prep/Yale stays at Georgetown Prep/Yale,
    2. the admissions of many friends (and Kavanaugh himself) that the crowd he ran with drank to excess (witness Kavanaugh’s desire to be in the 100 Keg club),
    3. the disappearing credit card debt with no explanation by Kavanaugh (or rather a bogus explanation by Kavanaugh),
    4. Kavanaugh’s history of dishonesty while under oath, and his evasive responses to questions asked during his confirmation hearing,
    5. GOP have refused complete release of Kavanaugh’s history (only 10% released so far). 
    6. the fact that Kavanaugh worked closely with Kasinski, a federal judge who was a known sexual harasser for years and was finally run out of the judiciary because of it, yet Kavanaugh claims he doesn’t “recall witnessing Kasinski’s behavior at the time” (another clerk of Kasinski’s said it would be impossible not to remember his behavior)
    7. the revelations that are coming out of Yale now about how woman applying for clerkships with Kavanaugh were encouraged to look a certain way …
    8. Then there’s Ford’s willingness to name names of others who were present (which is nuts if you’re lying about something) and,
    9. Whelen’s failed attempt to blame the attack on someone else.  Plus Dr. Ford is the one calling for the investigation.  
    10. Mark Judge won’t testify under oath.  He won’t testify because: a) 
    He watched an attempted sexual assault & did nothing, or b) He watched an attempted sexual assault & wanted to join in, and c) He’d lie under oath which is a federal crime 
    10. Republicans learned about Ramirez’s accusation last week, and they “issued renewed calls to accelerate the timing of a committee vote” soon after. Of all the craven acts these self-entitled Republican hypocrites have pulled, this ranks near the very top.
    The GOP have NO credibility! They have NOT done their jobs, been a check on an irrationale president or supported anything close to ‘fiscal responsibility’, ‘morals’, ‘family values’, ‘truth’, or ‘ethics’. VOTE.THEM.OUT!
    Add a lot of little drops and you get a big river that justifies taking time to investigate these allegations further.

  14. Joe says:

    How can any of you be ok with this douche being given a seat FOR LIFE on the SC? He’s already LIED TO CONGRESS. BEFORE ANY OF THIS. Are you saying there’s no one else we can get? Not one candidate that isn’t accused of attempted rape? This is really the best we got?

    He’s not qualified. Reject and move on.

  15. Ann says:

    William, you’ve been misled by a right-wing website. Please check Snooes before you repeat false stories.

    “Maryland state land records show that Ralph and Paula Blasey purchased a house in Potomac, Maryland, in June 1977. According to Montgomery County Circuit Court records, in August 1996 a company called UMLIC-Eight Corporation initiated foreclosure proceedings against the couple.

    “However, by December of that year the Blaseys were able to refinance the mortgage, and in January 1997 UMLIC filed a motion to dismiss their earlier petition. Judge Martha Kavanaugh granted that motion on 4 February 1997, thus formally bringing an end to the foreclosure proceedings against the Blaseys.

    “The claim that Kavanaugh “ruled against” Ralph and Paul Blasey, central to the conspiracy theory about their daughter’s sexual assault allegations made 21 years later, is therefore false.“

  16. GDA says:

    The GOP refused to release documents concerning Kavanaugh for review, withholding more than 1000; when prior scotus nominees had to submit to such review.
    The GOP is refusing to allow an FBI investigation to settle the matter, even though Anita Hill received an FBI investigation.
    Let’s also keep in mind that Kavanaugh has been caught perjuring himself 4x. He’s lied under oath 4x. Shouldn’t that alone disqualify him from a seat on the highest court in the land?
    I haven’t even mentioned his alleged history of sexual assault. Anyone who has been friends with frat boys in college, or attended frat parties, knows what happens. The only thing that flows more freely than alcohol is sexual escapades. Misogyny is in their DNA. That’s why certain campuses ban fraternities. Proud to say my alma mater, UCLA is one of them. The Fraternity system was kicked out and has been denied affiliation after their debauchery and racist, misogynistic songs were made public. Not to say all Frat houses allow such conduct, but Kavanaugh’s reportedly did, further Kavanaugh’s membership in clubs such as Tit&Clit, makes it highly plausible that Kavanaugh engaged in such activities.
    The fact is, GOP have been trying to ram Kavanaugh through with no due diligence since day one – yet their supporters are crying Dem obstruction. Seems the only thing Dems are obstructing is GOP foul play.

  17. William C. Lobur says:

    Some years back the dems adopted malcolm x and his methods, BAMN
    By Any Means Necessary

  18. Liza Null says:

    If Brett Kavanaugh were the man he claims to be, the man who has “always treated women with dignity and respect,”?

    He would say, “I look at that now and I feel nothing but shame. It was stupid and cruel, and all young men need to know that heaping scorn on a woman for being sexually active, or claiming she is whether it’s true or not, is absolutely unacceptable. It’s not what a real man does; it’s what a boy with a twisted view of manhood does.”

    Because a REAL man has the integrity to own up to his youthful mistakes in judgment.

    A REAL man has the strength of character to apologize.

    Kavanaugh is no such man.

    Kavanaugh is an overgrown frat boy still hiding behind his ‘bro’s, still worried about his “rep” in the locker room.

    Only now, it’s a roomful of adults.

    A roomful of adults who don’t believe him, and look at him with scorn and derision for his ridiculous protestations, because they know he’s LYING.

  19. Geneww38 says:

    Every person must vote for the Republican because the worst Republican is still better than the best Democrat or Liberal. If Any person does not vote or worse, does not vote for a Republican, That person is voting to turn our country into an Argentina or Cuba
    . https://www.wnd.com/2018/09/why-is-anyone-taking-fords-accusation-seriously/

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